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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Kindly Reminder: Before you use our service, please take a few minutes to read the Terms & Conditions set by Tour Beijing
TB provides on-line day trips. It uses secure off-line or on-site payment for our clients.

If you are going to purchase service and tour products from TB, you are kindly requested to read the following terms & conditions before you make any bookings. Thanks! 

Party A: Tour Beijing (Beijing Champagne International Travel Service)  
                (hereafter known as "TB" or "We") 
Party B: You, or any users of Party A's Travel Service

Check out TB terms and conditions

1. Travel Consultancy, Confirmation and Tour Handling Travel Consultancy
In order to obtain travel services from Party A, you should provide Party A with the following information in advance:
1) Tour dates;
2) Accurate number of tourists in your traveling party, and the related information including
3) Proposed itinerary including total number of days in Beijing
4) Specific conditions of transportation and extra services to be provided;
5) Upon receipt of the request from Party B, Party A should confirm relevant day tour booking as soon as possible in written form or phone call.
6) Should there be any revision or cancellation to be made by Party B to the confirmed tours, it shall be handled in accordance with the the email correspondences between Party B & Pary A.
7) Party A will provide travel services to Party B based on the confirmed tour itinerary. Party A usually have your booking confirmed no more than 1 working day. When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email or call from Party A, which includes the confirmed day tours and way of payment.

2.Travel Contract
The email correspondence between Party A & Party B is a binding travel contract between Party A & Party B. The final tour confirmation letter of Party A given to Party B must include the following
1)Confirmation number
2)Tour organizer
3)Clients Names
5)Tool of Transportation
7)Tour guide
9)Total Tour Cost
10) Price to Include
11) Price to Exclude
12) Way of Payment

3.Itinerary Change
Itinerary Change to the confirmed itinerary may happen because of traffic, weather, or any other conditions not under our control such as war, strike, fire, acts of government, riot etc. We will do our best to make sure that all the travel will be similar. TB can substitute the itinerary upon your agreement.

4.Transportation and Restaurants
All restaurants should be tidy and clean.

We use the air-conditioned and wel-shaped vehicles. All the vehicles are licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and can carry standard luggage.

1-2 traveling Party: we offer cars
3-5 traveling Party: we offer vans
6-15 travelling Party: we offer 22-seat coach
16-25 traveling Party: we offer 39-seat coach
26-45 traveling party: we offer 51-seat coach

In practice, for private day tours and tour packages, we would randomly select the standard cars, vans or coaches in car fleet. If you want to upgrade your standard vehicle to a deluxe one for your private tour, please contact your trip advisor and pay an extra tour expense.

5.Tour Guides 1)All local tour guides must be licensed.
2)A licensed tour guide trading with tourists directly is illegal in China. In China, a licensed tour guide must be employed by a tour company.
3)Responsibility on the part of a tour guide
Tour guides are responsible for conducting tours and expeditions organized by tour operators for which they work. They take the tours of historical places, famous buildings, natural landscape, temples and theme parks. In the course of the tours, tour and travel guides describe points of interest, answer questions and offer background information on interesting attractions. 4)Tour guides'working hours for all the tours listed on tour-beijing.com
For all the day tours listed on tour-beijing.com, 8-hour tour guide service is included unless otherwise stated. For extra hour tour guide service, please contact our trip advisors; For the all the evening tours on tour-beijing.com, 4-hour tour guide service is included. For extra hour tour guide service, please contact our trip advisors.
5) Tipping
Tipping is not included in the tour expense. Not compulsory, but tipping is expected by drivers, tour guides, hotel bellboys and maids.
Following tipping standard is only for your referance:
Tour Guide: RMB 80 - RMB 100 (day/group)
Driver: RMB 60- RMB 80 (day/group)

6.Liability Policy TB purchases air and land transportation, hotel, restaurant and other travel services from independent suppliers which are not under its control. So TB will not be responsible for any liabilities for death, injury, luggage loss and damage or any other loss that may occur because any act or omission of such supplier.

7.Modes of of Payment
1)Secure online payment via PayPal
2)Visa or Master Card by email or fax
3)Wire transfer

8. Cancellation Policy
We are sorry that you are going to cancel your trip in Beijing. We fully understand you have the right reasons for your choice. The cancellation fee will be charged to your account per the policy below:

Period before departure when cancellation is notified Cancellation fee
30 days before your tour starting in Beijing  Deposit refundable
Between 15-30 days 20% of total package price
Between 8-14 days 30% of total package price
Between 2-7 days 50% of total package price
Within 48 hours 100% of total package price

9.Mutual Responsibility
1. Party A shall hold no responsibility for any loss, damage of the clients's articles, injury of clients or other liability whatsoever within the territory of Party A or other countries through no fault of Party A or its employees ,agents. 2.Party A shall be responsible for not providing confirmed services to Party B.

10. Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy
We at TB are happy with your purchas of our travel service. If our travel service is far below the service stanadard we have promised, you have the right to have your money refunded. As for the refund amount, it will depend on your original circumstances. But no refunds are provided after more than 30 days following the end of our service rendered to you.

11. Privacy Policy
We at TB are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and visitors. We know you care about what happens to your personal information contained in the emails you have sent to us, so we have created this privacy statement to reaffirm that We will not share your email address and email content with anyone.

12. Travel Agency Liability Insurance TB has purchased the travel agency'liability insurance. The travel agency liability insurance refers to the compensation offered to the travel agency by the insurance company because of travel agency's negligence or the error which has caused harm and damage to their clients.

The travel agency liability insurance and the traveling accident insurance ( personal insurance ) are different. The travel agency liability insurance belongs to the liability insurance category, but the tourist own personal travel insurance belongs to individual accident insurance.

"The travel agency liability insurance" mainly aims at the tourist loss and the injury caused by the travel agency responsibility, except by the force majeure - the earthquake, the Tsunami, or exteme weather (heavy fog, snow and rain ) bringing damage to tourist person, property or the pre-arranged itinerary, the damage which is not in its responsibility scope. Tourists suffering from the loss or the harm caused by their own diseases, or tourist individual errors, is also not in "travel agency liability insurance" in payment scope.

13. Your personal accident insurance We suggests you purchase your personal accident insurance from your native country before you leave for China. The individual purchased travel insurance is different from the travel agency liability insurance we have applied for. Therefore the tourist must protects oneself to apply for personal accident insurance. If you want to entrust TB to purchase your traveling accident insurance in Beijing for you, please inform us well in advance. Please pay the insurance premium by yourself. Thanks for your cooperation!

14. Disclaimer Statement Tour Beijing gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or the completeness of the information and materials contained in this website. Under no circumstances will Tour Beijing be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities resulting or arising directly or indirectly from your use of or inability to use this website or any websites linked to it, or from your reliance on the information and material on this website.

15. Arbitration AgreementAny problem or claim relative to your travel shall be solved only in Beijing, China, on the basis of the terms in English.

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