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Enjoying the fame of "Wan Li Chang Cheng", China Great Wall of is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in northern China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during various successive dynasties. The majority of the existing Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty, with the length of 8,851.8 km (5,500 miles). China Great Wall is often compared to a huge dragon winding up and down in the mountains, grassland and deserts.

General Information
Great Wall Forum
The Great Wall Forum is proud to announce version 5 of our comprehensive map of the Great Wall of China.
All About the Great Wall of China
The general information about the Great Wall
The Ming Dynasty of Great Wall
The Great Wall of China was last built on a large scale by the Ming Dynasty.
The Great Wall News
You can find important affairs happened to the Great Wall
How long is the Great Wall?
This is a very complicated question as many dynasties in Chinese history built, modified or extended the Great Wall.
Who Built the Great Wall? When and Why?
The Great Wall was first built in the 7th century B.C. by the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.
Great Wall Brief Introduction
Great wall is a symbol of China's greatness and of the ability of man to achieve.
Great Wall from china-window.com
The Great Wall, literally means the Ten Thousand Mile Wall, is a great fortification in ancient China.
Characteristics of the Wall
Great Wall of China - Characteristics of the Wall, Condition, Watchtowers and barracks, Recognition, From outer space, Further reading, Gallery

Great Wall History
The History of the Great Wall of China
China Great Wall is one of the country's most enduring symbols, but the history of the Great Wall of China is more convoluted than most people realize.
Great Wall in Different Periods
the history of Walls of different states: Yan State, Zhao State, Qi State, Wei State, Chu State, Qin State, also the Great Wall of Qin Dynasty.
Historical Significance of the Great Wall of China
The Great Wall played an important part in the history.
Defense of the Great Wall
By wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The Great Wall Past and Present
The Great Wall has been synonymous with China since travelers and adventurers first spoke of the Middle Kingdom to the rest of the world.
The Great Wall of China
a picture story about the only man-made structure visible from the space

Great Wall Construction
Great Wall Construction
The Great Wall of China was made of ear th and stone and was built to protect China from northern invasions
The Designs of the Great Wall
The Great Wall had three major components: passes, signal towers (beacons), and walls.
Design for the Fortifications
The Great Wall has three major components: passes, signal towers (beacons), and walls. The design of each of these features has been determined by strategic importance.

Great Wall Culture
Great Wall Culture
From the official website of Great Wall Culture.
Anthologies on Great Wall
by greatwall-of-china.com
The Great Wall Stories and Legends
some stories and legends of the Great Wall
The Legend Of Mengjiang Nu
Among all legends and stories about the Great Wall, the most well-known one is probably of a girl called Meng Jiang Nü.
The Great Wall Books at Amazon.com
"Alone on the Great Wall" by William Lindesay and other books about the Great Wall
A Chocolate Great Wall
A "chocolate wonderland" is opened in Beijing near the Olympic stadium.
A famous Chinese Saying on Great Wall
He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man

Great Wall Protection
The Conditions and Protections of the Great Wall
The Great Wall in many sites is in a poor condition. The Government did realize the importance of the protection of the World Cultural Heritage Site lately.
Society’s Projects
Society volunteers have asked walkers to pledge adoption of the nine guidelines, placed notice boards listing the Countryside Code beside trails
Pressing Great Wall Protection
a piece of news from the official website of China. The China Great Wall Society investigates over 100 sections of the Great Wall and determines the needs and challenges facing its protection.
Restored or Rebuilt Great Wall Sections
These are the Ming Dynasty Great Wall areas that have been rebuilt or restored.
How to Save the Great Wall
The Great Wall is well known not a brick but in its entirety, and the same goes for the protection of the Great Wall. It needs the support of the whole society.

VIPs Visit Great Wall
The Great Wall and Celebrities
According to the statistics of the local administration of Badaling Great Wall, a total of 372 political leaders from all over the world have visited the most popular attraction in China.
World Leaders' Visits to the Great Wall of China
Many world leaders have been to the Great Wall, including Obama, President Richard and Pat Nixon, Spanish Kings, French socialist leader François Mitterrand, etc.
Obama visits Great Wall
From xinhuanet. U.S. President Barack Obama visits the Badaling section of the Great Wall in Beijing on Nov. 18, 2009. He was inspired by its majesty.

Great Wall Videos
Badaling Great Wall Video
Badaling Great Wall is the most popular Great Wall section, there are many people who visit Badaling Great Wall every day.
Visit the Great Wall in China
Great Wall of China video
Wonders of the World: Great Wall of China
China’s Great Wall is the largest of our selection of the world’s wonders, so big that it is visible from space.

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